Wednesday, 3 June 2015



It is not raining this morning yet the sky is still cloudy. The past two days have been a sort of house arrest for me. So, hopefully the clouds may part to let the sun shine upon every thing as well as my sagging spirit (Visit to Atlantic City).

Well, prayer gets heard and finally, with clouds parting, the weather seems to be looking up. I go to the park and complete six rounds of it, thus, up scaling my record, from 5.1 km to 6 km. The birds are all on the grass, picking their food, brought by the rain. The squirrels, out of their trees-coves, are running and squeaking all around. It has been a house arrest to all of them. I see a bulldozer, a lorry loaded with gravels in the parking lane. They repair the parking lane quickly and then leave to do the repairing work elsewhere. The air is dust free here because every inch of the ground or pavement is covered with grass. People do not walk on the grass or on the road. The concrete pavement is meant for walking.

While watching the episode of 'Cedar Cove', I come across this dialogue-"Time helps you choose the memories you want to hold on to." When I sit back and close my eyes, they are the happy memories that flood in and the sad ones sit at the bottom like pieces of rock.

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