Monday, 1 June 2015



It is a rest day after a day out in the busy city of New York. Yasmin and I enjoy a walk in the park. we do house hold chores together, buy groceries from the local shop, cook fish and relax in the first half of the day. I take a little siesta and watch 'Anna Karenina on Netflix. It is the tragic story of a married aristocrat lady who falls in love with the affluent Count Vronsky. This proves fatal to the name and fame of her family, her social reputation and finally she suicides throwing herself before a running train.

Yasmin does her office-work on her laptop. The evening is cool and the soft wind lures us to the park where we sit there on the bench talking to each other on various topics. There are two skaters today along with walkers and children in the park. We come back when it starts getting dark. The Met forecasts rain with thunder tonight. There are clouds in the sky. We take a walk in the parking lane after dinner. The parking lanes are as wide as roads. We get a light waft of jasmin in the air. We feel it and look around. It is coming from one of the terraces in the neighborhood. There resides a South Indian family. It smells so fresh in the silence of the night, bringing sweet memories of homeland.   We retire early by 10.00 PM.

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