Tuesday, 2 June 2015



It is moderately cold today due to continuous drizzling and wind and leaves me confined in the room with writing the diary page, painting and watching movie. Solitariness gives a lot of scope for both inwardly and outwardly speculation. It's a bliss most of the time unless you exhaust yourself of all your creative resources which I think is hardly exhaustible. It is our mind that gets exhausted because 'Man is a social animal'.

Now it is raining with that little music of rain drops on the roof above and then the drops dripping down from the sloppy edge on to the wooden floor of the terrace. When it stops raining for a while, a kind of thin mist envelops the sleepy houses and trees by the side of the lanes. Mist brings in more rain.

Instead of doing indoor workouts, I decide to do a little bit of cleaning work. Cleaning the carpet with a brush will serve both the purpose, cleaning as well as exercise and I find it quite engaging. It gives a good feel when I am done with this cleaning business. I just stand there in the middle of the room and appreciate my work.

I start with painting a new canvas after lunch. To have a little time off, I make a cup of tea for myself but forget it to pour into the cup. It has become cold. It tastes bitter in my mouth but I gulp it down.

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