Monday, 8 June 2015



The cloudy sky and the forecast of rain by 8 o'clock in the morning has made us change our plans of visiting the sea beaches of Atlantic City. We now plan of going to 'Pick Your Fruits' farm but reschedule it on Sunday as the weather forecast predicts clear sky and bright sun. There a list of household items to buy and the clouds have parted letting the sun shine on our dampened spirit. So, after breakfast, we take the bus NJ Transit 600 to Walmart at 11.30.

 The warm weather and the smooth ride make us doze off but the regular announcement of the bus stoppage keeps us alert. We pass many townships, meadows, Princeton Hospital and Health Group, Princeton University and Museum. Finally, we are there at Walmart. We, first, go the Dollar Tree where every thing is at a throwaway price of one dollar and get many useful items on our list. We, then, stop at the Sam's Club. It is a huge, high ceiling large hall serving as the outlet/whole sale super store. Since, it is a sunny weekend after the long spell of rain and cloudy weather, people are all out to enjoy and shop. The store sells all kinds of house hold goods, from kitchen utensils and cookery items to bedroom linens and draperies, from toiletries to gardening equipment, from electronic goods to sports items. The bread-bun and cookies are just too tempting ones but everything comes in a big packet or a bunch of ten or more. There is a big section of poultry, all kinds of meat and fresh water and marine fish. One corner of the shop has a restaurant where you can sit and eat. We move around the place but don't buy anything because the things are sold in bunch.

We buy the remaining items on the list from the Walmart, eat at Subway and wait for the bus  at 4.45 PM. It is the last bus because of the weekend holiday. The bus arrives a little late. However, we are back by 6.00 PM.

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