Monday, 1 June 2015



 May is over and June is here reminding me of the fleeting time. Only twelve days are left now and then I will have to leave to be back to join the hum drums of my life. I don't want to idle on the swiftness of the time. I count the twelve days and the works related to recreation to be done.

So, after breakfast, I work upon this Diary Project, updating the left pages. I take some time off, watching movies on Netflix. While browsing, I find "Sleepless in Seattle". I like Meg Ryan's movies. It is a good movie and it's purely a coincidence to know about the tradition of visiting the top of the Empire State Building on wedding day or Valentine's day or marriage anniversary day. The reference of the movie"An Affair to Remember" in 'Sleepless in Seattle' urges to watch it. It's a moving story of a popular film star falling in love with a beautiful singer. Although each is already engaged to another yet they decide to break off the engagement and meet on a fixed date at a fixed time on the top of The Empire State Building. The hero leaves the glamour world of silver screen and starts painting to earn money. The day arrives but the heroine meets with an accident... The story reminds me of the Indian true copy of this movie 'Mann' starring Amir Khan and Manisha Koirala.

Yesterday, it drizzled all through the night. Though, it stopped in the morning. It is again drizzling now in the evening. Yasmin is back from work. I feel a little cold but not that cold. We think of taking out the blanket again. Weather keeps swaying from warm to rainy, to cool to pleasantly/moderately cold, even in summer here.

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