Friday, 12 June 2015



It is not much to write about yesterday, 11 June which I spent watching movies and taking a 3 km walk in the park. Yasmin arrived late in the evening due to late arrival of train. We had an early dinner and took a stroll in the parking lane after that. The wind had dropped making the night seem warm too.


The sun is brighter and the day warmer than yesterday. We complete the packing after walk and breakfast. I pack my shoes too because from it is the last day of my walk here. It makes me sad. Yasmin gets busy with her office work on her laptop. It is her 'work from home' day. I cook  केले के कोफ्ते with rice and watch movie on Netflix. At 4.20 PM, we leave for Quaker Bridge Mall by 600, NJ Transit Bus. Yasmin has the bus pass but I pay one dollar and four cents. We reach there in an hour. It is a very big mall. However, not as big as Phoenix Market City of Bangalore. There is no basement parking like that of Phoenix Market City. In US, population is less than land and autombiles. So, the parking space is a very big open area with parking lanes well marked. The rules are also very strict in New Jersey. We leisurely move in the mall, doing some window-shopping or else buying some body spray and lotion, some clothes etc. Yasmin gets Tropical Mango Yogurt ice cream for me. It is very smooth and delicious. The serving quantity is more than what we get in India. So, we are unable to finish off our Chinese platter of Veg Chow mien and Chicken. Yasmin packs the remaining food. Our return bus is at 8.40 PM. We wait outside the Mall. The evening is cool and refreshing.

There are two African American boys who keep on talking loudly. Their mother seems a little mentally deranged. She keeps on poking her right ear with her finger and mumbling. I instantly recall the White American man who talks to himself while walking in the park. Some people behave in a weird manner. Yasmin tells me that such kind of people are more in number here than in other countries. It is because of the low family bonding that leads to separation, isolation and depression.

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