Friday, 5 June 2015



The cold weather and the cloudy sky are getting on my nerves. There is a dull kind of pain in my head and back of neck. The acrylic painting is almost complete and I am not in a mood today to give it the finishing touches. I keep browsing Netflix and watch two movies before the lunch and after the lunch.

Well, the sky becomes clear in the evening and the wind also drops down a little. We go to the local shop for some groceries. It's nice to be outside. There's an Indian superstore where they play Hindi film songs and bhajans that give you a feel of being in India though the female shopkeeper behind the billing counter speaks in English.

 Last Sunday, Yasmin introduced me to a gentleman who works there. He smiled and asked me if I liked my stay there. Getting my answer in affirmation, he said that for a short stay, it was good but not for permanent stay. I felt the homesickness of the gentleman and thought about Patna. However comfortable life here is, it can't be like living in your native land.

We get watermelon from the Chinese shop but it is not as sweet as like that we have in Patna. However, it is quite fresh. Fruits are sold here in varieties that I could never have ever imagined of.

Tomorrow, we are going to a farmhouse 'Pick Your Fruits'. It is near New Brunswick.

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