Thursday, 21 May 2015



Temperature has dipped a little due to the cold wind that kept howling through out the night yesterday. I still have trouble getting a sound sleep here. After 2.30 AM, I remained wide awake waiting for the day break.

It is 4.50 in the morning now and I am out of bed with a glass of lukewarm lemon water. I feel a slight headache and muscle-ache. There is a little scratchy feeling in the throat too. But I ignore them to greet the dawn. I open the door to terrace but the cold wind forces me to retreat to the living room and close the terrace-door.

It is, however, quite a sunny and bright morning. I have to resist the temptation of having tea out on the terrace. I know that I have to remain indoors today to keep myself fit for the tour to Niagara Falls and the Thousand Islands.

The homeopathic medicine, gargling with saline water, cold balm and rest make me feel a little better. I find a packet of soup and prepare a bowl with dices of carrot and chopped tomatoes. It tastes good and my throat also improves.

There are more walkers today in the park. I feel sorry for being not able to enjoy the walk in the sunny afternoon due to chill westerlies. Even the toddlers and young children are out to enjoy the sunshine. It's good to watch them through the closed glass door. Yet it makes you feel that you are aging, your hair turning grey but the spirit of youth to live life is getting stronger within you everyday with wrinkling skin.

I complete two pages of diary and sleep early when Yasmin arrives. A good sleep in itself, is a proven medication for tired body. I feel better and hungry too when Yasmin wakes me up for dinner.

We watch the episode of Zee Zindagi ' Meri Jaan Hai Tu'. Wind has dropped down outside. I go to bed early with a resolution to leave it only at 5.00 AM the next day.

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