Wednesday, 27 May 2015



I wake up to the twittering of birds coming from the branches of the Sycamore trees. Yasmin, too, gets up. The twittering continues.

It is a working day for Yasmin. The weather is again clear today. I remain busy in updating the diary entries in the morning. Yasmin leaves at 7.30 AM for Office. I see her off. Before leaving, she asks me to remind her to get the print out of the booked ticket of the New York Tour.

I sit back again to complete my work. I can hear the different types of chirping by birds. They keep attracting me with their delightful noise. Finally, I leave my chair, go near the glass door and see outside it to find a brown sparrow sitting on the branch of Sycamore tree. I come back to take out my camera. The bird is still there to be clicked. I oblige my self doing this. I found one black sparrow with a yellow speckle on its neck, sitting on the wall by the railing of the terrace. I click it and the squirrel, too. It seems they are all in a playful mood today to enjoy the warm sunshine.

I leave my work and put on my sports shoes and go to the park for walk. The sunshine is bright. So, I walk under the green cover of trees. There are only a few walkers today. Two boys are practicing Basket ball. I take two rounds and come back to do a little stretching exercises. I find that they have planted flowers in the flower bed near the swimming pool. The red and white wild roses in the road dividers, are in full bloom. They look very beautiful.

I take an afternoon nap today after lunch. It is warm inside too. Yasmin comes back early today at 4.45 PM. We go to the local shop for vegetables. I feel good to take a leisurely walk to the shop. When we come back, we carry chairs onto the terrace and sit there for quite a long time watching people in the park.

I complete my page of diary before going to bed.

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