Monday, 25 May 2015



A bright, sunny morning greets the day though the temperature is in between 7-12 degree Celsius. I see the morning walkers through the glass door. Some of them are with their pets, some jogging in their shorts and sweaters, some walk with their babies in prams and some with their toddlers. People wait for such sunny days to be in the park. Americans are generally in shorts whereas Indians in full track pants. Americans don't feel cold in their legs. I decide to go to the park today in the afternoon.

Yasmin and I have 'chole-puri' in breakfast. She has opted to work from home today as we have to do the packing for tomorrow. She has cleaned the carpeted floor and after the breakfast, now working on her laptop for her office in her room. In between her work, she does the other household chores. She is very methodical, organized and systematic in her work. It is her laundry day too. She is the Elf surrounded by all sorts of machines in the house to work at her command. I admire her way of working. She has her lunch late at 4.00 PM due to work-pressure.

The Sim Card Adapter Kit, ordered by Manish through Amazon shopping, arrives. Yasmin logs out from her work at 5.30 PM. She and I try to fix it up in my Nokia Lumia. But something has gone wrong. The sim card adapter kit is of Mediadevil and its name is Simdevil. It seems the devil duo conspire against us. I take out my original sim from my mobile and then try to insert the sim card adapter. but it refuses to bulge in. However, after a little effort, it goes inside the slot quite easily. Our faces lit up with a smile. "Good, now let us take it out and insert it with the nano sim," says Yasmin. I push out the sim adapter with my use, It is stuck inside and refuses to bulge out now. We try all the possible methods- iphone sim inserter, safety pin, scissor, everything with a pointed edge. But the sim adapter stays inside like an insolent tenant. Finally I resort to pleadings and prayer before the duo devil. It is heard and the sim adapter obliges us by coming out of the slot. We heave a sigh of relief. but the relief is as short-lived as bubble's reputation. Now none of the sim- micro or nano gets in the slot. The whole process of inserting the sim and taking it our make us sweat buckets. Then we arrive at the utility and futility of all these efforts and finally conclude to drop the idea of changing the sim. However, I fear that my phone will work the same as before with any sim at all. Whatsoever, at present, it is working fine with that WiFi connectivity catering to my need of the hour.

So, after wasting our almost one and half hour, we start with our packing for tomorrow and decide to go to bed early. but I know that my excitement is going to hinder my slumber.

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