Thursday, 28 May 2015



Yasmin's cell phone charger has developed some kind of issue. It did not work yesterday after the rain and is still not working. May be I was late in taking it out from the socket near the window when rain started seeping in through the blinds. These iPhones are very delicate and sophisticated. They need careful handling. However, she has another device to charge her cell phone.

It seems it did not rain in the night because the terrace floor is damp but not wet. The sky is still overcast with clouds. I won't be able to go for my walk today if it continues to remain so.

The rain has brought the slight lingering smell of compost manure. I hear the twittering of one particular bird that keeps calling in a distinctive 'tulli, tulli, tulli, tulli'-four times at regular interval. Birds enjoy the onset of summer as winter is very harsh and snowy here. They fly west then.

Standing on the terrace, I find walkers in the park. Their presence there clears my doubt and I change into my tracks and shoes and off I go to join them in the park. The grass is all wet but the jogging track is clear. I complete three rounds, walking 3.2 km. There is no wind. It seems a lull before thunder and high wind, may be so in the afternoon or evening again like yesterday.

The rain has scattered the flowers and seeds of the Birch trees on the track. They lie there, soggy and wet looking like maggots and doe worms. The Trees in the park are quite old. They have spread their roots deep around the soil. Some roots are so thick and strong that they have created cracks in the jogging track.

People bring their pets to the park but I don't find any litter there. There are two separate wastage bins- Trash and Glass/Cans for recycling. That makes me wonder how good it is to see people follow the Dos and Don'ts. A little effort by everyone saves a lot of waste of time and money. There are trash bins, large and small at every nook and corner of the parking lanes and road sides. The parking lanes are wide like roads. What seems like a road is actually a parking lane in front of every apartment. Vehicles are parked in a line and that leaves  for no question of encroachment by others.

I catch up with my painting left for the last five days. Shammi asks me send the picture of it in progress and I do that. He says that it is coming out well. That gives an extra ounce of confidence to complete the work. The dog in the painting is a bit difficult to do. Drawing or painting animals is always difficult for me. Even then I make up my mind to complete the painting by tomorrow and I like the way it is coming up.

To have a little change, I open Netflix to watch a movie. I start watching the episodes of 'When Heart Calls'. It's an interesting watch about a teacher who starts teaching the children of Coal miners' widows who lost their husbands and sons in a mine blast. I feel the truth in the dialogue,"There's a reason for every fear we face and every hardship we suffer to make us stronger than ever..."The episode are rich in the philosophic observations made by the Teacher which I feel at many places resonating mine.

Tomorrow is Yasmin's work from day. The charger of her cell phone is working now.

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