Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Car Servicing Day

After seeing off Mani and spending a nice time with Sammi , going on a shopping spree and movie seeing, I returned to Patna on 20th Oct. There were still two days left for the school to reopen after the Autumn Break. The next day, on 21st, I drove to Hyundai Servicing Centre for the servicing of my car. It had been raining since morning and so getting the assurance of the work being done in an hour or so,I finally snugged myself on the sofa in the office browsing idly the pages of the newspaper.
When done with the reading, I tried to do some still life sketching. Just then an elderly person arrived and sat just opposite to me. Here, I thought I had a perfect subject to sketch and deciding not to miss this opportunity, I did a rough sketching of him but to my dismay, the servicing of his car was over and he left in a hurry.The funniest side of this episode was that till then I had attracted quite a crowd of curious onlookers and one of them even offered himself to be as the next subject taking his seat on the sofa all ready to be sketched. Adding spices to this was his friend's comment-"madam, inki tashwir zaroor se bana dejiye taki inki patni inhe deewar par latka sake," Unaccustomed to such kind of airings, I took leave of them with a promise to do it at the next servicing of my car.

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