Sunday, 24 October 2010


I had been to Bangalore in this autumn break. After seeing off my eldest son (he went to Germany), Shammi (my youngest one) and I had a nice time together. Then 20th Oct. arrived, the day to make my return trip. This time luckily I got the window seat. So, less disturbance from co-passengers and moreover I could enjoy the scenic beauty. I have this childlike fascination for window seat whether it is a train or a plane. After all, one has this feeling somewhere buried in one's heart-"dil to bachcha hai jee", esp. in midlife.
Here are a few lines in the form of reflection on the view outside-

Drifting Clouds

From the height of ten thousand feet, I saw-
Drifting clouds light and puffed
Poised midway between land and sky.
An irresistible desire filled in me-
To touch and float with them
And to do a round of waltz over them.

But the reality that they were-
Only fog to melt down in drops of rain
Gave way to the mist in my eyes,
When far below I caught sight of-
The manmade concrete blocks of buildings
Encroaching the God made serene green nature.

Tearful clouds dispersed to show me-
The once brimming river thinning down
In a thread like filament on brown patches.
Yet shimmering like gold in the dazzling sunshine,
As if defying man’s feigned ego to win nature.

Till then the plane had risen to thirty thousand feet,
And the view of this war between man and nature
Blurred out from me with a vast sea of clouds to see.  

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