Monday, 22 November 2010

Monsoon Drizzle

The first droplets of Monsoon rain after the scorching and sweltering heat of long Summer are so fascinating that they have always ignited the creative mind of many a poet. The dark cloudy sky, high wind followed by a shower of rain always make me nostalgic and this year they paved way for me to lend wings to my feelings so as to scale the heights of the realm of poetry.

Monsoon Drizzle

Cool, little droplets of monsoon drizzle,
Why and where have you been so long?
The long spell of summer heat had been on
With days parched and wind gone.

And a soul left all weary and forlorn
Dreaming of a meadow green and mellow
Battered and withered only to drag on
With a cheerless life all dreary and hollow

Come, O’ rain, come and fall in drops,
To fill in all the gaps and crevices
And mop up every pool and puddle,
Waking the sleeping earth up to a new harvest

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