Saturday, 9 August 2014


With heavy steps, she closes the gate of her car. Slinging the hand bag on her shoulder and carrying the carry bag of lunch-box and water bottle, she comes to the lift, opens the gate and is about to close, she hears the footsteps of someone. A face peeks out at her. Her hand, about to press the ‘On’ button, stops with a jerk, and she opens the gate for her neighbour to enter the lift. Her neighbour enters with a carry bag full of groceries and vegetables, puts down the bag on the lift floor, closes the gate and presses the key for 4th floor. They have the same destination but none of them speak. The lift seems heavy. Silence speaks a lot with the sound of lever and pulley. While the lift goes up, she looks at the closed doors of each floor. She reads the name plates. The sun is about to set behind the tall buildings. It is getting dark inside the lift too. So, she switches on the light. But the dim light of the CFL is insufficient to lift the approaching darkness which hangs on to their sealed lips. The lift stops with a slight jerk at the 4th floor. Her neighbour opens the gate and they both come out of the lift. The stagnated silence lifts up with the unlocking sound of their doors.

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