Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Open Window


Every feat is a closed window,
Every petal is a closed flower,
Every page is a closed story,
Every hour is a closed day,
Every wing is a closed flight,
Till opened, unfolded and unfurled...

The dying day finally collapsed into the stretching arms of the evening, which had resolved to settle down with calm and rest spreading the wings of darkness on the wrought and weary souls.

 That small Hibiscus plant with a deep yellow flower, placed outside on the French window, took a full view of the new surrounding and sighed on his seclusion.

 "How happy I was there in the nursery, under the sun, among red, pink, orange and white fellows! It is getting dark and here, I am all alone outside this closed window with strange faces peeping at me from inside the room."

Getting too self conscious and shy by the stares, the yellow Hibiscus slowly folded in all its petals and prepared itself to rest in the new surrounding. "Oh, How tired I feel! That transportation from nursery to this window had been so bumpy!"

And the little Hibiscus prepared itself for the long night ahead in that new surrounding. After a few hours the lights were switched off and darkness intensified around making the little plant comfortable. "Now it's okay in the dark, with no one peeping and poking at me."

The plant dreamed of his friends, the open sky, the sun, the rain, the moon, the stars and the chirping birds.  Though sometimes, his dreams got disoriented with distant faces and strange voices.

A feel of slight tremor brought him out of the dreamland. He squeezed his eyes."Is it daybreak?" Feeling still droopy, he stretched his hand. "Hey...Fellas! Good morning." Finding  no response, he opened his eyes, blinked them thrice to recall the whole scene.

"Ah...Who shook me to cause my little yellow bloom get detached from me?" But, the next moment, a sigh slipped out, "What a fool I am...This was to happen with that bloom. Though the change and shift caused it to happen a little earlier, I must not blame others", brooded the little Hibiscus.

Thus, the little plant, after a little grieving over the lost bloom, gathered its wit and courage to explore the new surrounding and was happy to find the closed window now thrown open. He took a look inside and saw many of his fellows...a thorny one with pink flowers, a creepy one coiled around a moth-stick, a small bamboo like in several pots. Immediately a sigh of relief escaped from his lips,"O' Lord in Heaven...How kind of you to let me have this space at least in the open!"

Feeling a little relaxed, he glanced around. "Aha...I could see the sky here too, though the window roof obstructs my way but the trees,the birds, the squirrels, all are here. Of course, I could not experience that rainfall last night...could feel only a few drops of it. Well, not so bad after all,...those were enough for my size and that tall window saved me or else I could have been swooped down by that heavy downpour."

The little Hibiscus smiled in the gentle morning breeze feeling the warmth of the thin slanting rays of sun upon him. "Now, let me groom and bloom here, out on the open window."

And, a few days after, a bright yellow flower bloomed in all its mirth, perching on the window berth.

[ Happy souls are contended souls.]

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