Saturday, 23 June 2012

A Maze of Lines

Had been to Indirapuram (Gaziabad) to meet my mother-in-law...It was so overwhelming to see her after a gap of one year. Though she has deteriorated....with so many lines on her face, sagging skin...feet swollen from long duration of sitting hours...yet retorting to my Father-in-law's taunts (on her resigned posture) in her same old strong voice...babysitting for my nieces....sometimes nagging at them on their carelessness and negligence but most of the times doting and loving them. The little wonders are her elixir now....sedative and painkiller.... .masseur and nurse. May they be the antidotes for her soul-crushing anguish....!!!

"Lines....lines....a maze of lines....!
As like destiny and age together aligned
To etch out on one's face some unreadable signs
To make one pine for no sin but let grieve to be fined
Yet the spark of love stays and outshines these freaky lines..."

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