Wednesday, 15 September 2010


I know not where am I
Walking in a long tunnel?
Caught in a whirlwind?
I know not where am I

The tunnel seems to be an endless journey
In pursuit of...
What am I to fill in this blank?
Ah! It’s all muddled,
Is it knowledge?
Is it happiness?
Peace or pleasure?

Deadened by the lashes of fate,
I try to see a ray of hope
At the end of that tunnel
And, keep myself pushing ahead.

It is so dark and murky,
And there are snags.
I stumble succumbing to them
Left bleeding and broken.

Then a Hand appears in the dark,
Pulls me to my feet
As a succour to my aid
I get up and keep walking .

I am nearing the end
About to reach the light
Now I am there but
The light has moved far .

Deceived and deprived
Left only to find out that
It was an illusion and then-
I know not where I am.


  1. Talks well about you mom. What you have gone through is a rare medicine that hurts deep but keeps you afloat from the fake smiles. Hopefully, better days will be there too.

  2. For the sake of poem it is fine but for life the moment u know aatma,parmatma,its constitution,its function,role the dark tunnel will convert to bright path full of happiness,peace.

  3. i realise so...that divine touch never let us fall...and even in the darkest hours there's always the mild and sublime hues of upcoming dawn to light up a smile on our anguished faces...